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Album cover Live at the museum of fine artsPresenting the next finished artwork: Live at the Museum of Fine Arts: released on the DATABLOEM LABEL and also available on Bandcamp! The album is the result of an edited version of the recording of the Live Set in the Museum of Fine Arts in Gent on 28th of November 2013.

Scape It Out PDF Print E-mail

Scape It Out CoverScape it out is the next stop in the collection of sonic landscapes that are landmarked by Music For Installations.

The album is a result of a proces that you can compare very much with sculpting. The additional gathering of basic materials and first shapeshifting dates back from 2007. Music For Installations used these themes in a set of sonic soundscapes that were brought out to the public.

The third track, Tutorial for opposite moving circles (and it sounds just like that), has been selected by Soundlab

Dark Side PDF Print E-mail
Dark Side coverMusic is to heal not to destroy... even when you visit the dark side of your mind.
With Dark Side, Music For Installations sets off with an album full of soundscapes and drones creating an enigmatic dark ambient world. It's a profound musical study that has been built up as a result of a lot of conversations with people suffering from a 'depression'. After a lot of reading and talking we decided that the time was there to translate this state of mind into sound, first of all out of respect for those who stepped forward. By using dark ambient

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