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Pori Art MuseumOn 12th of October, the Arteles residency artist did their presentations in the Pori Art Museum. During the event different artists from different parts of the world present their ways of working and the production processes in their cultures and countries of residence.

Music For Installations took part in this presentation and talked about the general principles behind the concept. You can hear tracks of the Dark Side Cycle and a preview on Joutsen taken from the Haukijärvi Cycle. The whole presentation is available here in this article.

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Emergeandsee kindly made it possible to put the lecture on-line that I did for their En-Détail-festival in Berlin. The lecture makes a short travel through some of the techniques that are used by Music For Installations in his creation process. Ever tried to used the sound of somebody snoring into a composition by using it as an effect? We did... . The lecture start with two general concepts. The first one is "Everything is Music" which departs from the basis that you can use every sound or detail to start a creative workflow. The second concept states that "Restriction creates Freedom". By restricting yourself to certain elements


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