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  Link   C-O-L-O-U-R-S.com Label
C-O-L-O-U-R-S is a label that brings music of Music of Installation to the net. Thanks to these guys you can find us back on amazon, i-tunes, e-music and other mp3-online-stores.
  Link   MySpace page
We also have a MySpace page.
  Link   Sounlab Exhibition
Music for Installations has been selected twice already with a track for the Sounlab Exhibitions. Also, you will find a whole range of interesting links out to new media projects.
  Link   FILE festival
File electronic language international festival has welcomed the soundlab VI exhibition on their festival in Sao Paolo in 2009. From here you have a lot of links to all different kinds of contemporain projects.
  Link   Soundgate
quote: "The idea behind SoundGate is to create a platform where artists globally can contribute with their sound works and partake in the exhibition that will be presented physically in the town of Aalborg, Denmark, more specifically at Kunsten (the museum of modern art), Utzon Centre (the architectural centre) and Platform4 (a great space where creative people can realize their projects)."
  Link   Temporary Art Show
We joined Temporary Art Show in Wakefield UK. A special composed piece, pending on the Dark Side project, has been used in the lift.
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